May 2023 – Sewing rope

Our guest speaker in May was one of our chapter members Sarah. She did a fabulous demonstration on sewing a rope bowl and shared her favorite tips and tricks for keeping the fabric strips organized, wrapping the rope just the right way, and tilting the WIP to control the angle of the sides. As you can see, we were mesmerized.

Sarah demonstrating how to sew a rope bowl, surrounded by ASG chapter members paying close attention.

We were all paying close attention because before demoing the how, Sarah first showed us the what – her gorgeous projects using the same technique: from coasters to bowls to a lidded container (and yes, that lid just could double as a fun hat, hehe), and even a snazzy tote bag with built-in rope handles. You can see them in the picture below.

Sarah's rope projects - coasters, bowl, lidded container, and tote bag.

After seeing Sarah’s colorful creations, wouldn’t you want to know how to make them too? Yes? Did you say yes? Then come join us – second Saturday of every month, at 1500 Blairs Ferry Rd in Hiawatha. (Yep, we rent space in the church. Come on in!)

Show & tell

When our guest speaker is done presenting and answering all of our questions, it’s time for show & tell – the part where we get to ooh and aah over our members’ latest creations.

Like this colorful wall hanging Kay made for her sewing room. See that pretty dressform?

Kay showing off her wall hanging, featuring a dress form.

Next up was Phyllis, showing us the square blocks in red, white, and blue that she made for a Christmas quilt. She’s holding all 16 of them (she said; we took her word for it).

Phyllis showing square blocks for Christmas quilt.

Then we have Tamra rocking her fabulous new skirt from Anicka Designs, with pockets from Sew Chic (both from online tutorials).

Tamra looking lovely in her new midi skirt in a somewhat psychedelic orange, turquoise, and black print.

Next up was Lois who showed us three beautiful table toppers. For some reason, we only have a picture of one of them.

Lois showing a green and brown table topper.

Then Donna showed us her gnome quilt with “wonky” blocks, a large round table topper, and a large purse in blue and teal batiks (peep those cool grommets!).

Donna holding up a large quilt, a round table topper, and a purse.

Tammy showed us a gorgeous memory quilt with what looks like an old-timey windmill surrounded by family photos.

Tammy holding up her latest quilt with a windmill and family photos.

Sarah is no one-trick pony: she showed off several colorful greeting cards she made.

Sarah showing off her greeting cards.

Marilyn shared two lovely crations with us: a dog rescue quilt and bench pillow block with a bee and two flowers (June block of the month).

Marilyn showing her dog rescue quilt and a pillow block with bee and flowers.

And wrapping it all up is Vicki with a kitchen towel topper from Notches Sewing YouTube channel and a 3D star pillow from a pattern by Pam Damour.

Vicki showing off her towel and star pillow.

And that’s a wrap for today! Come join us next time.

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